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Healthy Menu

Spring Village at Stratford offers the chance for seniors to enjoy enhanced health and wellness with an excellent assisted living menu in Stratford. We pack our options with nutrients and delicious tastes so seniors can savor a dining experience that satisfies their health plan requirements.

From lunch to dinner, we offer chef-prepared meals that accommodate specialized diets for seniors. If you require mealtime assistance, our staff is here to support you with all your needs. Our comfortable dining rooms foster community and conversation amongst peers, inspiring a sense of belonging in all our residents. Our senior care environment provides fantastic taste, nutritional value, and a sense of community.

Vegan lunch with pasta and ramson pesto sauce

5 Benefits of Healthy Eating at Spring Village

  • A Longer and Healthier Life: Our menu provides increased nutritional value that improves seniors’ lifespans and provides healthier lifestyles. We prep and cook meals that boost immune systems, regulate weight and reduce the risk of illness and disease.
  • Improving Mental Capacity: We provide seniors with healthy meals that will enhance and stimulate the mind. Our breakfast, lunch, and dinner options boost mental faculties and mitigate cognitive conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • Positive Moods and Feelings: After eating our nourishing meals, seniors will experience a boost in positive moods, feelings, and thoughts. A Proper nutritional plan aids in reducing depression, anxiety, irritability, and stress levels.
  • A Variety of Tasty Flavors: We offer healthy options packed with flavor and taste. Seniors can enjoy healthy and delicious meals delivering balanced nutrition and full taste satisfaction.
  • Community and Connection: Mealtimes at our center provide the opportunity for socializing, conversation, and connection. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner bring our community together and increase our residences’ sense of belonging and happiness.

Delicious and Healthy Meals for Seniors

We provide a regularly rotating meal selection for lunch, dinner, and dessert. From sweet to savory flavors, our chef-prepared meals offer great taste and proper nutritional value. Here are the meals currently available on our menu:

Delicious and Healthy Mealtime Options

With a wide selection of healthy lunch, dinner, and dessert options to choose from, we ensure that seniors receive the nutrition they need and the excellent taste they deserve. We understand that meals are about much more than food; they’re about connection and community as well. That’s why we maintain an accommodating, comfortable, welcoming community for all seniors, allowing them to socialize and foster relationships. We offer dining experiences with meals prepped and cooked with genuine care. For a senior care menu that satisfies your nutrition, tastebuds, and community needs, we’re the right community for you.

Our Team Is Ready to Assist You