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Accommodating Assisted Living

Spring Village at Stratford provides senior citizens with top-tier support and assisted living. We attend to the needs of our residents with a caring, professional staff and services that help them live happier, healthier lives. Our team supports independent lifestyles for seniors of all backgrounds.

We adjust and tailor our services to the individual needs of seniors, ensuring they receive proper care. We know exactly how to balance independence with hands-on care, assisting seniors when they need help and encouraging them to take control when they’re capable. Whether you require minimal or attentive care, we’ll provide solutions that fit your needs.

shot of a group of seniors having tea

Advantages of Assisted Living

Many seniors, and often their loved ones, feel conflicted about considering a move to an assisted living center. While the increased safety, socialization, and care of assisted living is appealing to many seniors, there’s also a popular belief that they’ll lose their freedoms and independence. We’re here to assure you that this belief is false. In fact, assisted living can increase your independence by eliminating the setbacks seniors face when living alone. By choosing an assisted living center, you’ll experience the following:

  • Community and Social Interaction: Assisted living provides the opportunity to make new friends, engage in frequent conversation and activities, and form stronger connections than seniors who live alone.
  • More Independence and Free Time: Assisted living communities relieve the burden of work and household upkeep—including mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, and other laborious tasks—so you can enjoy more fun and relaxing activities that stimulate the mind and inspire happiness.
  • Convenient Health and Wellness Care: Whether you require a minor or strict health plan, assisted living professionals can help you with all aspects of your wellness. From managing your prescriptions, helping maintain hygiene, or promoting a healthy diet or exercise, an assisted living center can help maintain and increase your health and wellness.

5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Assisted Living

Many older people are living longer and healthier lives due to advances in medicine and science. However, aging is an unstoppable force, and seniors will eventually feel its effects. If you or your loved one experiences the following signs and symptoms of old age, we encourage you to consider moving to an assisted living and care center that supports and helps with the needs of seniors. Assisted living will improve your life and give you more independence than you might imagine.

  • Declining Health and Reduced Abilities: Millions of people over 50 suffer from a chronic health condition. If they live alone, the chances of having an accident or experiencing a health crisis significantly increase. Assisted living provides help and support, curbing the cases of health emergencies.
  • Depression, Loneliness, and Feeling Isolated: Senior citizens often feel lonely and isolated as they grow older, especially after the death of their spouse and the distance of relatives. Isolation can cause severe mental and physical illness. Assisted living can provide community and socialization for senior citizens, so they don’t feel so lonely.
  • Inability to Manage Finances: As a senior’s mental faculties deteriorate, so does their ability to manage their money. Unpaid bills rack up, debt accumulates, modern money management technology proves too confusing, and collectors and scam artists seek opportunities to exploit the senior’s health decline.
  • A Decline in Hygiene and Cleanliness: Adequate hygiene is a crucial component of good health. However, many seniors fear taking showers and baths because of the high risk of slipping and falling. Assisted living can help seniors properly bathe and establish a cleanliness routine.
  • Lack of Household Organization or Hoarding: The older we get, the closer we cling to the items we’ve collected over the years. However, a mass, disorganized build-up of items may indicate a hoarding tendency, which could become dangerous. Too much clutter can create fire hazards, block exit points, and increase chances of disease and injury. Assisted living provides a clean, safe, sanitary living environment for seniors.

Excellent Senior Care and Contentment

Though choosing a senior care center may seem daunting, the advantages will better your life and boost your happiness. We help our residents with the areas of their lives where they need or want it, ensuring they still maintain their independence.

From supporting medication schedules, providing transportation to doctor’s appointments, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and beyond, we help seniors embrace wellness and good health. We provide fun-filled and stimulating activities for you to relax and enjoy, and we facilitate engagement and interaction with your peers, giving you a thriving social

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